What is graphology?

Just as there are no two people in the world with the same DNA, same thing no two people in the world with the same handwriting. Your handwriting contains the story of yourself, and graphologists are those who can read this story, and interpret it for you. Graphology is the analysis of the brain’s subconscious expression through the medium of handwriting. Graphology means study of personality by analysis of handwriting.

Kanchan S Kulkarni


She is in this field since more than 15 years in India. She holds a Diploma in Forensic Graphology and Certified Forensic document examiner and Basic Graphology from Cambridge School of Graphology UK.


Personal Profile & Counseling

The truth is that appearances can be deceptive, but handwriting never lies. Handwriting reveals how the writer thinks, feels and behaves, and it does so directly and immediately. It shows the motivation that lies behind actions, and outlines the writer’s propensity to behave in ways that may not be expected.

Match - Making

Attitudes are shaped throughout life by temperament, personality and past experience and no two people respond in the same way. By identifying and accepting differences between yourself and your partner, this is the first step to building a successful relationship. Mutual understanding, tolerance and compromise can the help you both avoid misunderstandings that could damage the relationship.

HR & Career Guidance

Employing the wrong person can be very costly in more ways than one. Graphologist can provide managers with useful, focused assessments to complements other selection procedures.

Document – Examination

By profession, I am a fully trained professional graphologist as well as an independent certified Document Examiner. I adhere to a strict code of ethical practice and all cases are treated with the utmost respect, privacy and confidentiality. 

Our Specialties

Major specialties of her are as below with handwriting samples

Our Happy Clients !

I have been attached with Kanchan since 2014 as her disciple for the Graphology course. With great efforts, strong urge and total devotion, As a mentor, she is the best with full and deep knowledge in the subject. Also having good qualities of a teacher.With season's greetings and best wishes,
Mr. Raju Vidwans
My Student
Mrs. Kanchan is a genuine Graphologist.
She has a great compassion to help people through their Handwriting. She has thorough knowledge and experience of this Handwriting Analysis.
More than that she herself is a good human being..!!
Mr. Suresh Katare
When, I approached Kanchan Madam 5 years back. She examined me and analyzed my personality by Graphology. And gave me the proper solution in brief. I made proper changes as per her suggestions. And now I am proudly saying that my business growth has grown year by year. A Lot of thanks to Kanchan Madam. Your support means a lot. Thanks again.
Mr. Vinayak Suryavanshi
Mutual Funds Investment Distributor
Mrs. Kanchan has got a good hold & in depth knowledge in Graphology, she is an excellent assessor, her perceptions are to the point in terms of personality building & grooming. We at Rotary Club of Pune Cosmopolitan have experienced it in her lecture delivered to Rotarians. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.
Mr. Sharad Joshi
Rotary Club President
In the Basic course kanchan was more of a quiet student and as the sessions progressed we also had something called analysis practice sessions it was this time when she used to ask lots of questions and she scored well. It was in the Advance course her real talents were emerging out, as the topics were less but the depth in the topic was much especially the topic of signature and combinations were really good.
Mr. Asher N C
Graphology Trainer