Personal Profile & Counseling

Why personal profile and counseling ?

Every finger is different for our hand at same every human being is different.

Do you think you are a good judge of character? Have you always been right? Or have you sometimes found that your first impressions have been wrong?

The truth is that appearances can be deceptive, but handwriting never lies. Handwriting reveals how the writer thinks, feels and behaves, and it does so directly and immediately. It shows the motivation that lies behind actions, and outlines the writer’s propensity to behave in ways that may not be expected.

Graphology not only examines behaviour, but the subconscious or the whys that lie behind actions, providing information that could not be established in any other way or in such a quick time.  This makes graphology a very powerful tool. Handwriting analysis is therefore highly effective in a wide variety of practical situations.

It can be used for personality assessment in any area of human activity where people interact. It is ideal, for example, within the following areas:

Key features